Case Analysis: The Weather Company

Factors Leading to Development of the App

The article highlights on why there was a need to develop an app that leverages data. The App was developed as a response to the fact that the population was shifting to mobile dependency. Those consumers who fall in the age category of 15 to 30 were reported to be spending more time on their smartphones. These consumers also want immediacy in the delivery of services and they tend to have high expectations with the services they are looking for. They further indicated they wanted information to be transmitted to them without limitation of boundaries.  The shift of consumers from print and TV to Smartphone is the reason that led to the development of this app.

App to Digitize Weather Company

TVC has put much effort to remain above par in the weather business. It has employed the use of TV, Digital and professional services to satisfy its customers. The company initiated the development of The Data app to help digitize and specialize in its products. The app would also boost company growth and was also intended to analyze big data and help generate accurate weather forecasts. It was further meant to establish better relationships between the company and the existing customers.

The Development of the Outsider App

The app was formed after extensive application of what the company needed. It started as a running App; users would share running statistics with their social network using it. It would motivate runners to do exercise, provided a way to record, and share their progress. It also gave real time and accurate weather forecast and helped users to do proper planning. Runners had the privilege of being informed about their latitude and longitude positions and the prevailing weather condition.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.13.35 PM

In conclusion, the weather app was a success as it handled weather data – Volume, velocity, and Variety and uses modern technology to store and processes it. The app uses modern networking to do processing and can now take images and record videos. The outsider App is a well-researched app that has served to provide accurate weather forecast and helped runners in planning their schedules.

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