Case Analysis: Nokia N8 ‘Push Snowboarding’ Campaign

The technology industry is fiercely competitive. There are many companies that are competing for a limited market and Nokia is one of them. In past years, Nokia dominated the industry, however, it has lost this dominance because of the innovative products released by Apple and Samsung. To revive sales, it launched the Nokia N8 in partnership with the snowboarding community. Let’s find out more about how Nokia promoted the N8 phone!

 About Nokia N8  

Nokia placed all its hopes of revival in the N8. It saturated this phone with features and hoped it would resonate with the market. Some of the features of the phone include:

  • Connectivity features such as USB and HDMI
  • Excellent camera that allows users to capture moments in unparalleled detail
  • Faster internet connection

Nokia understood that it would need to divert the attention of customers from products made by other companies such as Apple. Since the N8 possessed features that were lacking in other phones, it held the potential to transform Nokia’s fortunes.


Nokia N8 and the Snowboarding Campaign

Openness and the desire to engage the market are the key factors that guided the launch of the N8. Nokia held events and carried out marketing campaigns that were targeted at the snowboarding community. It also welcomed third-party developers to create applications that would run on the N8 and serve the needs of snowboarders. The effectiveness of this strategy becomes evident when one examines its impact. Below are the main outcomes of the campaign:

  • The launch and the entire campaign received media coverage and glowing praise.
  • The company managed to engage the snowboarding community and gain its trust.


In conclusion, the Nokia N8 ‘Push Snowboarding’ campaign offers lessons for companies that wish to market their products. Through this campaign, Nokia managed to combine social media with traditional techniques to achieve positive outcomes. The company identified a market and focused all its efforts on it, which proves that targeting the right audience is vital for the success of any campaign.

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